Often people comment, “You guys do so much,” when it comes to the things that my daughter and I do every week. While most people see taking a toddler out on the road and into public a chore I see it as more of an adventure.

Recently I had the fortitude to reflect on what it was that made my childhood so great and gave me the most happiest of memories. Looking back I can easily say it was weekend travels and sightseeing trips that we took. Just exploring the city, trying new things, and being together as a family made life wonderful. When I had a child I wanted to be able to pass on that great gift.

Bronwyn (known to most as ‘B’ or ‘Bee’) is an old soul explorer who is 5 years old. She is the center of my life and will probably be the only child that my husband and I ever have. With my husband traveling often for work and being away from home it is often just the two of us girls looking to have a great time, see friends, and set out for a treasure of new experiences.

After the umpteenth time someone exclaimed about how much we do, how great it is that I document it on social networks for them to learn about new places, and “why don’t you think about sharing it with other parents,” I figured I’d better sit down and start a blog about our adventures.

While we primarily set out to be tourists in our own backyards (Seattle & Bay Area), that hasn’t stopped us from traveling to everything from the 2010 Olympic Games to SE Asia shenanigans.

We’d love to have you along on our journeys and would like it if you could share with us some great ideas of places to visit next!!!