How To Sharpen A Hunting Knife

How Do You Maintain A Knife Sharpen?

Maintaining a sharp knife is an essential aspect of life. Many people may experience serious injuries when using a bland knife. If in any case, the knife blade slides from the cutting material, the ongoing momentum can slash the user. To avoid such dangers, you need to sharpen the hunting knife. A good hunting knife needs proper care and maintenance to improve performance. The society offers different methods of sharpening hunting knife. Some of the techniques help while others worsen the situation of the knife. Fortunately, this article describes important tips on how to sharpen a hunting knife.

Avoid power-driven grinding wheel

Unexperienced users may burn the temper of the blade when using the wheel. The edge of the knife is brittle and prone to cracks. Using the grinding wheel removes the warranty by the company.

Use of a coarse grit sharpener

This approach removes inconsistencies along the blade edge. The process reshapes the “U” shaped edge to “V.” The coarse grit sharpener is an appropriate approach to produce the sharpest knife in the world.

Pulling through sharpeners

The approach involves sharpening equipment with preset V-shaped angels. The individual sharpening the knife pulls the blade through fixable and adjustable parts of the tool. The tools are among the most straightforward alternatives in the absence of whetstone.

Use of electric sharpeners

These sharpeners are powered by electricity. They help recreate and restore the angles on the ends of the hunting knife. The electric sharpeners have preset duo systems that allow a person to realign and also grind the knife with precision. The advantage with the sharpeners is that they are fast and reliable.

Guided sharpening steel

This steel holds the blade in position during the sharpening process. Despite the advantages of the method, users find some inaccuracy with the technique. Nevertheless, the method is much faster and efficient in sharpening hunting knives. In fact, it can produce the best results while sharpening.


Sharpening hunting knife brings many advantages to the user. The list below highlights some important tips on the reason to sharpen hunting knife.

  • Reduce the brute force – dull knives use a lot of energy. When the knife is less brute, it means there is less damage to the fruits. Delicate ingredients look fresher when sliced cleanly. Conversely, a dull knife crushes the cells and accelerate wilting of vegetables. Dull knives slow the speed of work.
  • Sharp knife is faster – working with sharp knife helps to manage the control of the blade. A sharp knife works easier than the blunt knives. Sharpening dull knives reduce the risk of slipping from fingers.
  • Sharpening is an investment – use of Waterstones helps the investors to earn a lot of money. The people investing in hunting knife sharpening make much money from offering the services to the customers.



A Wild Day North of Las Vegas

Every year, Bee & I spend a few weeks in Las Vegas, Nevada with dear friends. While visiting them on our Big Adventure last spring, they invited us to join in one of their favorite children’s spots, Roos-N-More Zoo!

An hour north of Las Vegas, Roos-N-More is a nationally accredited zoo that offers education and interaction with over 160 animals. It is available for private group tours (such as schools & scouting troops) as well as birthday party rentals. On various days throughout the year they are open to the public. At each of their events, both public & private, attendees have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the animals. This includes petting some, feeding others, and taking pictures with many of them.

What kinds of animals can be found at Roos-N-More? A few of the varieties you’ll find are camels, zebras, toucans, otters, lemurs, boa constrictors, armadillos, and of course kangaroos!

Luckily we just happened to be in town for their 2nd Annual Animal Enrichment Day! In addition to their regular public days, they had informative presentations, face painting, games, raffles, and a food truck to keep the humans satisfied.

There was so much to see it was a bit overwhelming at first. Of course, Bee headed straight for the camel. She was a little shy to sit on him (or was it a her!?!) but still enjoyed petting it. One of our friends was kind enough to stand in the line for the capuchin monkey which was a hit with the kids (especially when it would climb on their shoulders and head). Another hit was the goat’s pen where the girls could run in circles after them petting each one.

I can’t believe that for us showing up early (which mind you, we are not morning people), that we still weren’t able to see all of the animals there in time. Around noonish the sun became unbearable and we were very thankful for the food truck that offered items such as burgers, tacos, hot dogs, churros, and humongous sno-cones!

In the end, the girls had a blast and I would definitely recommend a trip out that way if you are in the Las Vegas area!

Location: Roos-N-More
746 Snowden Ranch Road
Moapa Town, NV 89025
Phone: 702-467-3585
Hours: Day/Times vary as they are only publicly open a couple days a month. Check their event calendar for more information.
Cost: $10 general admission; 2 & Under FREE


  • Do bring cash! While they are capable of taking debit/credit for entrance, their “gift shop” does not.
  • Don’t drive your nice cars. There’s a bit of off-roading on dirt roads to get to the Zoo. Don’t even attempt lowered cars.
  • Do take sunscreen and hats. I know this is par for the course in Vegas, I just thought I’d throw in a reminder.
  • Don’t go on windy days. Being the desert, just a little bit of wind equals a fair amount of dust clouds in the air.
  • Do get there as early as possible. As the day wears on into the afternoon it can get pretty darned hot.
  • Don’t bring pets or outside food!

A short video: